Mystery set (2 custom curated items)
Hayden and Grant

Mystery set (2 custom curated items)

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Custom Curated Gift Set (includes two crafted-to-order items)

What’s Included?

✔️One coordinating top & bottom (it’s a surprise🎉)

✔️Guaranteed to receive at least one exclusive print (holiday specific styles will not be included)

✔️Items made to order in signature H + G styles (some prints/colors may be produced in styles that were previously unavailable!!)

What’s Customizable? 

✔️ You pick the gender

✔️ You pick the size 

✔️ You pick the cuts for your climate (“keep me warm” , “stay cool”, “a little of both”)

*Although we can't make guarantees, we will try our best to check your order history to ensure duplicates aren't sent*

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